• Open Monday-Friday 11am-Midnight
  • Brunch Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm
  • Dinner Saturday & Sunday 4pm-Midnight
  • Take Out Open 10am-Midnight Daily
  • Delivery Hours: 7 days a week 11am-11pm
  • 718-417-1118

Group Dining at Roberta’s

Roberta's does not accept standard reservations. For parties of 10-16 guests, Group Dining reservations are available with prix fixe packages. Reservations last for two hours and are are available at the following seatings:

Monday - Thursday
(Lunch) 11:00a, 12:00p, 2:00p, 3:00p
(Dinner) 5:30p, 6:00p, 6:30p

Saturday + Sunday
(Brunch) 11:00a

Prix fixe menus are created for family-style sharing, allowing groups to taste a little bit of everything while enjoying Roberta's vibe with efficient, relaxed service and a variety of food.

Please review and select a menu, located in the box to the right, and take note of applicable times.

Group Dining requests must be made a week in advance by emailing: groupdining@robertaspizza.com


$100 per person
available Monday - Thursdays at 5:30p, 6:00p, 6:30p


to start

Meat + Cheese Plates

Romaine Salad

caesar dressing, candied walnuts & mint


main course

Choice of 3 Kinds of Pizza






$135 per person
available Monday - Thursdays at 5:30p, 6:00p, 6:30p


to start

Meat + Cheese Plates

Romaine Salad

caesar dressing, candied walnuts & mint


mid course

Choice of 3 Kinds of Pizza


main course


served with seasonal vegetable accompaniments








7 day notice required for all speciality
add ons and subject to availability
- priced per person

availible for lunch and dinner

Seasonal Composed Vegetable Side +$10
House Cured Meat +$9
Stracciatella +$8
Seasonal Speciality Pasta +$13
Cacio e Pepe +$12

availible for dinner only

Sasso Chicken +$14
Flank Steak +$15
Market Fish +$14
Porchetta Roast +$15
Dry Aged Steak MP


Gelato +$5
Birthday Cake +$8
Ice Cream Cake +$9
Sticky Bun Bread Pudding +$10



$70 per person
available Monday-Thursday
11:00a, 12:00p, 2:00p and 3:00p

to start

Marinated Olives

Romaine Salad

caesar dressing, candied walnuts, mint

main course

Choice of 3 Kinds of Pizza


$100 per person
available Saturday and Sunday at 11am

to start

Pastry Board

selection of house pastries

main course

Soft Scramble

seasonal vegetables, toast

Guanciale & Egg Pizza

Seasonal Brunch Pizza


optional add ons:

brunch only


House Bacon

 +$6 per person

Roasted Potatoes

 +$5 per person


$55 per person
available Monday-Thursday
11:00a, 12:00p, 2:00p and 3:00p

main course

Choice of 3 Kinds of Pizza


optional add ons:

Must be ordered a week in advance

available for both lunch and dinner


Seasonal Composed Vegetable Side

 +$10 per person

House Cured Meats

 +$9 per person

Sandwich Board

+$10 per person


 +$8 per person

Seasonal Speciality Pasta

 +$13 per person

Cacio e Pepe

 +$12 per person



Here are a few things to note once you have chosen your menu at Roberta’s. If any questions arise please feel free to ask.

  • Reservations are only available for the time slots as listed.
  • Roberta’s accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Up to 3 cards may be used as payment on the same check.
  • A credit card is required to hold your request.
  • Cancellation of reservations must be received a full 24 hours in advance of your reservation in order to avoid payment. If notice of cancellation is received within 24 hours of the reservation time, the full price of reservation will be billed to the credit card on file.
  • Menu prices do not include the sales tax of 8.875%
  • A 2% booking fee and 18% gratuity will be applied to all reservations
  • Group Dining reservations made in 2 hour blocks. If your party is late, the end time of your reservation does not change.
  • There is a $2 cake plating fee, per person, for desserts brought into the restaurant.
  • Roberta’s charges a $30 corkage fee, waived in lieu of bottled purchased from Roberta’s wine list.

Drinks Packages

Nonalcoholic - included with all packages

Unlimited soda, Stumptown coffee hot and iced tea for the two hour duration of your reservation.


Beer +$10 per person

Selection of two (2) draft beers, unlimited for the two hour duration of your reservation.


Wine +$25 per person

Choice of two (2) selected red, white, rose or sparkling, unlimited for the two hour duration of your reservation.


Bomber +$30 per person

Beer and selection of two (2) wines, unlimited for the two hour duration of the reservation.


Brunch+$10 per person

Mimosas and Stumptown Coffee, unlimited for the two hour duration of the reservation.


Brunch Bomber +$20 per person

Mimosas, selection of two (2) draft beers and Stumptown Coffee, unlimited for the two hour duration of the reservation.


Batched Speciality Cocktails +$100 per carafe

Classic Margarita, Negroni, Daiquiri, Bloody Mary, Frozen Drank, Sangria, Vodka Lemonade


Roberta's Catering

Located in a former cinderblock warehouse in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, Roberta's offers a creative environment with a homegrown feel.

The events we create in our Garden embody the same spirit. We couple our one-of-a-kind, constantly evolving Garden space with detailed planning and restaurant-quality seasonal food and drinks to make for a custom-built event tailored to you.

From book launches and company parties, to weddings and rehearsal dinners, our working on-site Garden is transformed to create an intimate and festive space for each and every occasion. Our Garden holds up to 120 guests for weddings and up to 180 guests for purely standing parties.

Roberta's also offers full service, off-site event catering. Whether for 40 people or 400, in your home or an empty parking lot, our team of talented chefs and planners will work with you to create an epic, well-coordinated experience for you and your guests.

To get started, please check out our FAQs section for more info.

To inquire further, let us know more about your event at inquiries@cateredbyrobertas.com. Please include the occasion, date, timing, venue, headcount, format, and the food and drink packages you're interested in - we'll get back to you shortly.

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  • 1. Do you provide full-service catering?
  • Yes, we are a full-scale events and catering service. Along with our seasonal food and drink menus, we provide staffing, coordinate necessary rentals, and offer Day-Of and Month-Of Wedding Coordination to complement our catering.

    To ensure restaurant-quality food, whether in our Garden or at your venue, our team of chefs cook everything on-site right before serving, forgoing the use of chafing dishes and warming lamps common amongst caterers serving to large groups.

    Our menus are custom-tailored to each event and are completely seasonal, even up to the week of your party. They are priced per person, and you can select any of the base packages listed in our menus, adjust by adding a la carte options, or we can help you create your own package from the ground up.

  • 2. Where do you cater events? Does your range extend outside of NYC?
  • We cater events here in our Garden at Roberta’s and to off-site venues within the five boroughs. We also cater events further afield outside of the city and even out-of-state.

  • 3. Can you bring your pizza food truck to our event?
  • We do not have a pizza food truck, however, we do have a mobile, wood-fired pizza oven - literally, a pizza oven on wheels. Please see below for more details.

  • 4. Can you cater pizza off-site for my wedding/birthday party/company event? What are your venue requirements for pizza catering?
  • Yes, we can! For off-site events, we can bring our mobile wood-fired pizza oven to cook our pies directly at your venue. Again, please note: we do not have a food truck, but rather, we tow our mobile wood-fired pizza oven (it is quite literally a pizza oven on wheels) using a van to your venue and set up a pizza kitchen outside.

    We require a 100-pie minimum for any off-site pizza catering in addition to any applicable food and drink spending minimums, and there are a few venue, parking, and logistical considerations to keep in mind. We’ve had great success catering pizza with our mobile wood-fired oven at venues including 501 Union, the Green Building and 26 Bridge, but are not limited to those locations.

    Let us know more information and our event planners will help you figure out if pizza is possible for your event.

  • 5. What is your on-site Garden space like? How do Garden events work and during what times of year is it available?
  • The Garden is a constantly evolving, working space full of growing herbs, greenery, vegetables, fruit, and flowers, and is the only area on-site that can accommodate large, private events.

    Events in the Garden run separately from the inside main restaurant and Tiki Bar, with a dedicated service staff, kitchen team, and separate, customizable Catering Menus and Packages.

    We are unique in that the Garden gets transformed and set up entirely from scratch for each and every party, as the space is not always in use for events. Our team will take care of renting and setting up tents to cover the entire area, all necessary furniture, dinnerware, serviceware, glassware, and bar.

    The Garden is available for private events from late April through the end of October/November, contingent on weather. The Garden is closed from December through late April for the winter season.

  • 6. What is the capacity for private events in the Garden?
  • Our Garden holds up to 120 guests for events with a cocktail hour, fully seated dinner and dancing. The same applies for weddings with a ceremony, cocktail hour, fully seated family-style or buffet-style dinner, and dancing.

    For fully standing parties, the Garden can accommodate up to 180 guests.

  • 7. If I’m holding my event in the Garden, what if it rains? If it’s chilly? If it’s too hot? Do you have tent coverage options?
  • Included in the Garden rental fee is one tent that covers the majority of the space. An additional tent rental is often required to cover the entire space for large parties. Depending on the weather, we can add on heaters if it’ll be chilly, or pedestal fans to keep your guests cool.

  • 8. What costs are involved for a Garden event? Off-site? Outside of NYC? Do you have any minimum spending requirements?
  • There is a food and drink spending minimum for any event, whether in the Garden, off-site, or further afield. All minimums are applied towards food and beverage only, and are before necessary rentals, fees - including items such as transportation or a garden rental fee as applicable, front of house labor, and tax.

    For a Garden event, there is a $6,000 food and drink spending minimum for events on Monday-Thursday, and an $8,000 food and drink spending minimum for events on Friday-Sunday. All Garden events require a 30-pie minimum for pizza.

    For off-site event catering within NYC (five boroughs), there is a food and drink spending minimum of $3,000 for events on Monday-Thursday, and a $5,000 food and drink spending minimum for events on Friday-Sunday. All off-site events require a 100-pie minimum order for pizza catering.

    For events further afield (outside of NYC but within New York State), there is a $7,000 food and drink spending minimum, and we require a 100-pie minimum order for pizza catering. For all events further afield, additional fees apply including the cost of transportation, gas, and staff time to travel to and from the venue.

    For events outside of New York State and even further afield, please email us to learn more.

  • 9. What is the Garden rental fee on top of the food and drink spending minimum? What is included?
  • Yes, there is a Garden rental fee, which is on top of the food and drink spending minimum. Please contact us for current rates.

    Included in the Garden rental fee, we offer the space for 12 hours, within which all setup, deliveries, and breakdown must occur. It also includes one 30'x50' tent, wooden dinner tables, wooden benches for dinner seating, a dedicated PA system with speakers for amplified sound, cleaning of the entire Garden before and after the event, standard space lighting, customized floor plan design, and basic menu printing.

  • 10. Can you provide staffing for my event? What kind of staff do you provide?
  • We work with a team of dedicated service industry professionals who are trained in our restaurants, are incredibly knowledgeable about our food, beverage and style of service, and who are committed to providing a seamless experience for you and your guests.

    For on-site events, we provide a full front-of-house service team to take care of setup, food and beverage service, and breakdown.

    For off-site events with full-service catering, we will always provide a front-of-house service team to take care of setup, food service, and breakdown. We can also include our beer & wine or cocktail bartenders if you select one of our beverage packages, or if you opt to have us coordinate your bar for our bar setup & service coordination fee.

  • 11. Do you provide tables, chairs, linens, glassware, etc.? Can you do this for off-site events as well as on-site events?
  • Wooden tables and wooden benches are included in the Garden rental fee for on-site events. For everything else at both on- and off-site events, we can handle rentals from our main rental company, Broadway Party Rentals. We have a list of standard items we typically rent, though you are always welcome to upgrade any of these items, given that the sizes and styles still make sense for our food and beverage service.

    You are also welcome to coordinate all rentals or any specialty pieces on your own, with the exception of tents. Since the Garden is so unique, we do require tent rentals to be handled through us.

  • 12. Can I provide my own alcohol for my event?
  • For all events in the Garden, parties must purchase a food and drink package for all guests.

    For off-site events, you may stock your own bar that we will coordinate for a bar setup & service coordination fee. This includes the required SLA Caterer’s Permit, coordination of a good plan for bar setup and service, and assistance with figuring out quantities of product, ice, and equipment and glassware rentals. We would also hire our bar staff to serve. For any ice, mixers, garnishes, and other non-alcoholic beverages you'd need based on your bar menu and cocktail choices, we can coordinate and would pass along the cost to you.

  • 13. Do you have a dessert menu? Can I bring my own desserts?
  • We have a range of options for dessert, from seasonal gelatos, plated cakes, pots de creme, and more.

    You can also bring your own dessert to either an event in the Garden or an off-site event for a $2/person dessert service fee. We can rent the necessary china and silverware to serve for you as well.

  • 14. What about guests who are vegetarian/vegan/lactose intolerant/allergic to gluten. What can they eat?
  • We have a lot of flexibility and experience in tailoring menus to a range of food allergies and dietary restrictions. While we do not offer gluten-free pizza, we can easily develop gluten-free, non-pizza menus. Our planners and chefs will guide you through the process of determining a menu that fits your needs.

  • 15. Do I need to have a Day-Of or Month-Of Coordinator for my wedding? Can you provide those services?
  • We offer both Day-Of and Month-Of Coordination services for events in the Garden, off-site, and further afield, intended to complement our catering services.

    While we don’t require you to have a coordinator for a wedding in the Garden or off-site, we often find it helpful to have someone assist you in pulling together all the nitty gritty details in the last several weeks leading to your wedding, and take the pressure off you to run the show on the day of your wedding.

    Our coordinators all have or currently work at Roberta's, usually in many different capacities, and have all put in time managing weddings we've done here and off-site. They’re all extremely well versed in our food and style of service, making for a great liaison between the wedding party and the catering team, and have included former events directors, service captains, floor managers, etc.

    Feel free to take a look at our packages and inquire further as to pricing.

  • 16. How far in advance do you book events?
  • For events in the Garden and off-site, but especially on-site since the Garden is a constantly evolving, working space, we usually book events no more than 12-13 months out to reflect the most up-to-date offerings, menus and pricing.

For more information about the Roberta's Garden and to see what we are currently harvesting, visit robertasgrows.com

For tours and garden related inquiries email garden@robertaspizza.com

If you would like to book the garden for a private please check out our Catering section for more information.

Roberta's baked goods — including pastries, sweets and naturally leavened breads — are available for purchase at Roberta's Takeout and Delivery from 10am - 12am daily.

For more information, special orders, or inquiries, please email us at bakery@robertaspizza.com.